Investment that serves the community, economy and the environment



Offshore Wind Farms are long-term investments that will bring benefits in five dimensions


Clean energy
and new opportunities

Number of jobs created over 5000

Source of clean energy that can power approximately 720,000 households per year


Fuel for
the economy

Development of a new industry in Poland and its supply chain

Promotion of Polish producers and suppliers of OWF technologies in the world

Creation of new innovative competences on the labour market


Support for
the local community

Investment in activities for local communities and urban development in coastal provinces

Support for the labour market and local entrepreneurship

Large tax revenues for local and state budgets


friendly energy

Energy generation which is non-invasive for the environment and human health

Reduction of emissions of harmful substances to the environment, combating climate change

Location of windmills at a distance of over 23 km from the coastline will not disturb the beautiful coastal landscape of the Polish coast



Most efficient renewable energy source

Millions of tonnes of CO2 can be saved over the lifetime of the offshore wind farm

For the Local Community

The BC-Wind offshore wind farm is located in the sea at the height of Choczewo and Krokowa villages in the Pomeranian Voivodeship. The infrastructure for power evacuation from our project will be located entirely in Choczewo municipality. 

Knowing how important our investment is for the energy system and so called “green transformation”, at the same time we understand that it will change the landscape and life of residents of the commune and region. Therefore, since 2020 or practically from the beginning of our activities in Poland, we have been conducting a proactive dialogue with local stakeholders, taking part in a series of information meetings with local authorities and residents of the Choczewo commune. In addition, Ocean Winds has also supported local educational and infrastructure projects.

Until the end of our investment, we plan to continue the ongoing constructive dialogue with the local community.

Especially since the offshore wind farm project will significantly strengthen the municipal and regional budgets, create an opportunity to develop the local economy and stimulate the job market.

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For the Environment

Construction of offshore wind farms is carried out both at sea and on land and will naturally affect the environment as any infrastructure project. 

In order to keep this process under strict control and to implement the most effective technological solutions available, BC-Wind project, prior to the commencement of the construction works, will perform the at least two years of environmental impact monitoring defined by the polish authorities. 

The monitoring report is submitted to the Regional Directorate for Environmental Protection for evaluation before a decision is issued, which clearly indicates the safeguards that the company must apply to minimise the impact on the natural habitat in the onshore and offshore parts. Later, during the operation of the farm, constant monitoring is carried out to protect the landscape.

The standard for all OW investments is to comply with the highest environmental standards and to act in accordance with the principles of sustainable development.

For Fisheries

Due to the location of wind turbines at sea, fishing communities as well as communities connected with transport and shipping became an important stakeholder for the BC-Wind project. According to current regulations – offshore wind farms may be established only in the so-called Exclusive Economic Zone in strictly defined locations on the basis of applications for location permits (so-called erection of artificial islands). In order to balance the interests of various industries, a Maritime Area Management Plan was developed for the Polish part of the Baltic Sea. 

In addition, Ocean Winds, as a signatory of the so-called Sector Deal for the offshore industry in Poland, actively participates in all major working groups on the impact of offshore wind energy on fisheries.

In mid-2021, the company also organised information meetings to which it invited representatives of the largest fishing associations. Further activities are planned in the coming years to engage fishermen in an open dialogue on the future of their activities once offshore wind farms are operational.



A very important part of the supply chain for us is education, and this from as early an age as possible. In order to prevent further climate change on our planet, it is worth educating children (and others) about what renewable energy sources are and what benefits their widespread development will bring.

On the other hand, offshore wind energy is only just developing in Poland, and we already know how many specialists from various industries it will need to employ. Hence, in parallel with our investments, we are working to educate future personnel for offshore wind projects.

Educational action with the Industrial Development Agency

Addressed to students of vocational schools and schools of energy profile in the Silesian, West Pomeranian and Pomeranian Voivodeships, aims at equipping students with knowledge about offshore wind energy and directing them towards related professions. The project runs from September 2021.

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Ocean Winds' support for the MEWy

Trends and Development Visions of Offshore Wind Energy Competition - organised by the Maritime Academy in Szczecin and the Marshal's Office of the West Pomeranian Voivodeship. Ocean Winds sponsored internship programmes for two of the winners, after which we recruited two new specialists for our team.

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Wind Experts - education about wind energy

An international pilot programme for children aged 10-12. Primary schools are equipped with educational materials to conduct two lessons on offshore wind energy and RES. Additionally, the action includes a quiz to check the acquired knowledge and a competition with prizes. The first edition of Wind Experts is implemented in the school year 2021/2022.

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Ocean Winds Internship Programme

Running from 2020, this international programme for technical students is Ocean Winds' own initiative. The programme has already brought two people to the Polish BC-Wind project to assist our team with foundation design and electrical engineering.

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